Call for Contenders – Best Star Wars Game

Since it began all those years ago with Star Wars (A New Hope), Lucas’s universe has spawned dozens of computer and console games of widely varying quality.  I’m very curious to see if we can come up with any sort of consensus of what the best Star Wars games are, and if one rises to the top.  Did you wear out your flight stick playing X-Wing?  Does your nostalgia lead you back to the green and red wireframe of the original arcade game?  Or are you an FPS guy, who things Jedi Outcast might be one of the best of that genre, Star Wars or not?  I didn’t even mention Super Star Wars series which I played the heck out of, or Knights of the Old Republic, so you can see the task at hand will not be hard.  What I want now are nominations.  Give me what YOU think the best Star Wars related game is, and WHY.  Either comment on this post or hit me up on the Twitters.


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  1. RITBeast Avatar

    KOTOR captured the good/evil conflict in the movies very well. I physically cringed at some of the evil decisions I made in those games. I felt X-wing & TIE fighter filled out the movies and added depth to them in interesting ways. It really made you think about the various ships, weapons, races and how they came together. It then took all of those things and made an interesting space sim out of it. I don’t think a vote for any of those 4 games would be wasted. The upcoming MMO looks like it could be an interesting candidate down the line.

  2. Philip Avatar

    For me, it goes:
    1. TIE Fighter
    2. Dark Forces/Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

    TIE Fighter gave the Imperial viewpoint a compelling narrative and was one of the finest flight sims ever created and the first two Dark Forces games created a character independent of the films that is so important to the SW universe and gave gamers the first truly exciting taste of both light side and dark side powers.

    1. Lotofsnow Avatar

      I tweeted Dark Forces, but looks like he only counted yours. :(

      1. TheTick Avatar

        Updated to show 2 votes – read too quick and thought that earlier one was just for Jedi Knight. :) These are just the nominations anyway, I’ll do up a suitable poll later for the real vote.

  3. Tom Emmons Avatar

    Well, I loved quite a few. Lucas Arts puts out some pretty damn good games.

    I’ll stick to the Nintendo Arena:

    Rogue Squadron
    This was a great console sim. It kept me going back for years, and being able to follow a story like that was a lot of fun. Top of my list because it was so new. The Game Cube sequel was good in that it carried on the same tradition established in Rogue Squadron, and had great graphics and control.

    Shadows of the Empire
    A really fun third-person shooter. I crawled those 3D environments over and over trying to unlock all the features.

    Star Wars Ep. 1: Racer
    A racing game, the last game I bought for my N64. You could modify your pod racer to the nth degree, and earn money to buy new parts. Sometimes a real adrenaline rush, crashing and burning could be fun.

    1. TheTick Avatar

      You know, I LOVED Shadows of the Empire. Should’ve remembered that one. See, this is why I asked. :D

  4. TheTick Avatar

    Okay, an update – from the comments here and Twitter, here are the nominees so far:

    Knights of the Old Republic x2
    X-Wing x2
    TIE Fighter x2
    Dark Forces x2
    Dark Forces 2 – Jedi Knight
    Rogue Squadron
    Shadows of the Empire

    I haven’t decided which SW universe games are my favorite to add to the list. I’ll give nominations the rest of the week and will get the poll going sometime after that.

  5. Mike Sakasegawa Avatar

    I recall loving the Star Wars arcade game. You know, the one with the vector graphics? Didn’t play many others. I recall hearing that a lot of people were pretty into Galaxies.

    I also think that the Atari version of Empire Strikes Back deserves a special mention for being so terrible.

    1. TheTick Avatar

      Very familiar with the Star Wars arcade game, in case you are reading via mobile device, I used a screenshot from that as the featured image in this post. :)

      I don’t recall the Atari ESB game, but I mostly played the tank game (Combat?), Frogs and Flies and Pac-Man. We did have ET though. I remember getting a bunch of games after the crash at the drug store by our house for like a buck a piece.

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