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  • RIP Marvel Heroes

    RIP Marvel Heroes

    It’s funny, I am both sad that Marvel Heroes Omega is gone, and completely unsurprised by it.  MH has long been my most played game on Steam, and thoroughly scratched my Diablo itch by providing fun Action RPG gameplay in a non-obnoxious free to play model.  The writing was on the wall when David Brevik […]

  • Game Thoughts – No Man’s Sky

    Game Thoughts – No Man’s Sky

    I’m not calling this a review as I’m not that far in, but I already have a lot of complicated thoughts about No Man’s Sky.  Here they are in no particular order: Is it any good?  I don’t…know?  Seriously, I can see how some people can tune into it – there is something zen about scooting around […]

  • Game Review – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    Game Review – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    I played a demo of the very first LEGO game, LEGO Star Wars, it seems like forever ago.  Since 2005, Traveller’s Tales has created similar games in numerous licensed worlds (DC comics, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter among them), but the latest game, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, is definitely the pinnacle of the series.  Though […]

  • Vintage Gaming – Super Dodge Ball

    Vintage Gaming – Super Dodge Ball

    Super Dodge Ball might just be the ideal game from the 8-bit era that you didn’t play.  It’s exactly what the title says, your team (USA in our NES version) battles dodge ball teams from around the globe in a tournament.  Each team (from places like Iceland, Kenya and China) had different strengths and weaknesses, […]

  • Game Review – Dishonored

    Game Review – Dishonored

    I’ve been playing Dishonored off and on for a while now, and it’s got a lot going for it.  The world is a sort of Steampunk+Magic mix that’s right in my wheelhouse.  I’m fairly in practice with stealthy fighting techniques thanks to making it most of the way through Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Dishonored has […]

  • Dragon Age 3 Speculation, Part 3

    Dragon Age 3 Speculation, Part 3

    Part 1 – Part 2 Part 3 of my look at what might come to pass for Dragon Age 3 is a look at what characters may return.  Both Awakening and DA2 had some appearances and references to previous characters, in fact they were thick on the ground for me at one point in DA2, […]

  • GamesRadar’s 100 Best Games of All Time – OH REALLY

    GamesRadar’s 100 Best Games of All Time – OH REALLY

    The folks at GamesRadar threw down their list of the top 100 games of all time, and while I’m not going to comment on every game (I haven’t played all of them), I’d like to point out what I think they got right and what they missed. 99.  Ducktales – Excellent pull here, actually, as […]

  • Continuing Game Review: Dragon Age 2

    Continuing Game Review: Dragon Age 2

    Note:  Continuing means I will revisit this as I get farther in. Of course I couldn’t avoid Dragon Age 2 for very long, considering how much I loved Dragon Age: Originsand all the related DLC/expansion content.  So here I am, almost through with Kirkwall (pre-Deep Roads expedition), and enjoying it quite a bit.  I’ll put the […]

  • Dragon Age 3 Speculation, Part 2

    Dragon Age 3 Speculation, Part 2

    Part 1 of this series looked at the story of Dragon Age 3, and what potential plot hooks are available for the next game in the series.  Part 2, here, will deal with other aspects of the new game, such as technical or gameplay changes. Combat changed in feel quite a bit between the two […]

  • Kinect Star Wars Suggestions

    Kinect Star Wars was just released for the XBox360, and has drawn quite a bit of attention.  Not all of it was good, as there was quite a bit of negative buzz yesterday for the Han Solo ‘dance party’ song “I’m Han Solo”.  Complete with dancing Han rising up out of the carbonite chamber.  A […]

  • Dragon Age 3 Speculation, Part 1

    Dragon Age 3 Speculation, Part 1

    So Dragon Age 3 is happening, while future content for DA2 is shelved.  Bioware is looking for feedback on the future of the Dragon Age franchise, and the first thing I thought of is, where can the story go?  There are a ton of plot hooks out there, and any number of them could make […]

  • Vintage Gaming – Oni

    Vintage Gaming – Oni

    Beat ’em up games have a long history, whether in the arcade or on your various console systems.  From Renegade to Double Dragon to River City Ransom, this style of game was a fun diversion from my RPG and Sim game-filled life at the time.  You might consider Oni a logical extension from those games.  Made […]