Android Apps

As a follow-up to my review of the HTC Hero, the notable apps I have installed:

  1. Locale – Lets you change your phone’s behavior based on numerous factors, including location, time, and more. I love it, I can turn off my ringer automatically when I get to work or turn it on automatically when I get home (more important, as I use my phone for an alarm clock).
  2. ShopSavvy/CompareAnywhere – I use ShopSavvy myself, but there are several barcode scanning apps out there, for when you want to be sure that the DVD or book or cereal box you are holding isn’t cheaper down the street (or at Amazon). Handy.
  3. TwiDroid – Just a slick-looking Twitter client. Buttons to do replies/retweets if you are not a fan of the long press.
  4. Toddler Lock – Not for everyone, but gives a screen where kids can draw and tap and make noise while not shifting around all of your icons.

Now, for fun stuff. Games are spares for the Android platform, compared to the iPhone anyway, if only for the fact that you can’t yet store apps on the SD card without hacking. You can play Doom, which is cool if hard to control. There are plenty of time-wasters, like Bejeweled (and many clones), WordUp! (sort of like Boggle), and so on. For paid games, there’s a SimCity game available at HandMark, though I’d like to be able to try it first. Looks really cool though. One other thing – there’s a WordPress app (WPtoGo or some such), that is neat, even if you aren’t using it for creating new posts, it’s nice for quick spelling fixes or approving comments. Any other app questions, hit me up in the comments.

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