Nook Color Running Ice Cream Sandwich!

I had been meaning to do this since we got it for him, but I put a ‘real’ version of Android on my son’s Nook Color last night.  After checking to see what was currently available for it, I decided to try Android 4.0 – ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.  I followed the instructions at NookDevs for… Continue reading Nook Color Running Ice Cream Sandwich!

Sprint Hero on Android 2.1 – One Year Later

In case it’s useful to you, I thought I’d go over how the Hero I bought just about a year ago has held up.  I know it hasn’t been on 2.1 for that whole time, but I upgraded a few weeks early with a custom rom (on stock now), so close enough. Overall, I’m extremely… Continue reading Sprint Hero on Android 2.1 – One Year Later

Android 2.1 on the Hero

The Sprint Hero recently got the official Android 2.1 update, and I was running it via the DamageControl ROM before that.  Some thoughts: It’s fast – you don’t see as many little hiccups when scrolling through apps or switching screens. Google Navigation is legit.  Need to play with it more, but seems more user friendly. Better… Continue reading Android 2.1 on the Hero

Android Apps

As a follow-up to my review of the HTC Hero, the notable apps I have installed: Locale – Lets you change your phone’s behavior based on numerous factors, including location, time, and more. I love it, I can turn off my ringer automatically when I get to work or turn it on automatically when I… Continue reading Android Apps

Review: HTC Hero It Is

where to download rabbit hole the film Yes, I upgraded my phone, and I went with the HTC Hero (via Sprint). Here is Gizmodo’s take on the Hero. I am having a TON of fun with this thing. Let me try and break this thing down in a semi-organized fashion: The Hardware: Physically, it looks… Continue reading Review: HTC Hero It Is

HTC Hero or Samsung Moment?

The date upon which I can trade in my phone is rapidly approaching, and i’m seeing enough from the current crop of smartphones to at least look into getting one. I don’t want an iPhone, and WinMo is kind of a joke, so I’ve been investigating Android. Since I’m on Sprint, there are two options… Continue reading HTC Hero or Samsung Moment?

Cuil Search Not Ready For Primetime

Cuil search engine needs work: We didn€™t find any results for €œbuffalo sabres€ Some reasons might be… a typo. Please check your spelling. your search includes a term that is very rare. Try to find a more common substitute. too many search terms. Please try fewer terms. Finally, try to think of different words to… Continue reading Cuil Search Not Ready For Primetime

Google Search Tricks

You may know some of these already, but Lifehacker has a handy guide for getting more than just your normal search results from Google. Since many of us have Google as our homepages (or use the Google toolbar), it’s a quick and easy way to find out when a movie is playing, check the weather,… Continue reading Google Search Tricks