HTC Hero or Samsung Moment?

The date upon which I can trade in my phone is rapidly approaching, and i’m seeing enough from the current crop of smartphones to at least look into getting one. I don’t want an iPhone, and WinMo is kind of a joke, so I’ve been investigating Android. Since I’m on Sprint, there are two options in the near future: the HTC Hero (out now) and the Samsung Moment (out November 1st).

Since the Hero is out now, I got to play with it a bit at the Sprint store. The Sense UI HTC developed for it is nice were can i download the chronicles of narnia the voyage of the dawn treader the movie

. I enjoyed paging around and operating it – I haven’t liked many touchscreens before. It feels like a solid device, not plasticky or cheap. It’s got a nice 5mp camera. HOWEVER, it is without any sort of physical keyboard, and I do a decent amount of texting/tweeting. I feel like I could adjust to it, but having no fallback in case I can’t gives me pause.

That brings me to the forthcoming Samsung Moment. Also Android-based, but without the prettier UI HTC developed. It has a slide-out keyboard, although the layout is a bit odd compaired to my Rant. The one other thing that has me interested is the fact that the Moment has a more powerful processor – something you need when you are trying to browse with Flash or have a bunch of apps that are updating in the background.

I guess I’m going to wait for some reviews of the Moment, though it’s odd that I haven’t seen any previews out there yet for it.