gROM on my LG Optimus S

I got tired of running out of room for apps on my phone, especially with some of the sweet games I wanted to play.  So I figured I’d go for a custom ROM finally, that gets rid of the pre-loaded Sprint junk and otherwise just works fine.  gROM fits that bill nicely, while adding some nice… Continue reading gROM on my LG Optimus S

Gingerbread on my LG Optimus S

Woke up this morning and was quite surprised to see a major update for my phone waiting – Gingerbread!  That’s Android 2.3 for the uninitiated.  I was a bit surprised, as I figured it had been long enough that I probably wasn’t getting it.  I fired up the install and am now running from the… Continue reading Gingerbread on my LG Optimus S

Review: Sprint LG Optimus S

The time came this month, where I could get a new phone.  I wasn’t really planning on it, considering I loved my Hero and there’s no 4G here yet via Sprint.  However, I kept hearing AWESOME things about the LG Optimus S, and when it went on sale basically for free this past weekend, I… Continue reading Review: Sprint LG Optimus S

Sprint Hero on Android 2.1 – One Year Later

In case it’s useful to you, I thought I’d go over how the Hero I bought just about a year ago has held up.  I know it hasn’t been on 2.1 for that whole time, but I upgraded a few weeks early with a custom rom (on stock now), so close enough. Overall, I’m extremely… Continue reading Sprint Hero on Android 2.1 – One Year Later

Android 2.1 on the Hero

The Sprint Hero recently got the official Android 2.1 update, and I was running it via the DamageControl ROM before that.  Some thoughts: It’s fast – you don’t see as many little hiccups when scrolling through apps or switching screens. Google Navigation is legit.  Need to play with it more, but seems more user friendly. Better… Continue reading Android 2.1 on the Hero

HTC Hero or Samsung Moment?

The date upon which I can trade in my phone is rapidly approaching, and i’m seeing enough from the current crop of smartphones to at least look into getting one. I don’t want an iPhone, and WinMo is kind of a joke, so I’ve been investigating Android. Since I’m on Sprint, there are two options… Continue reading HTC Hero or Samsung Moment?

Sprint Steps Up (after a bit of coercion)

Today, the payment is not only returned to us, but sent straight back into the bank account! Which the phone monkeys had claimed was not possible for them to do. GG Sprint for taking your medicine and keeping a customer, I didn’t want to have to cancel with them as their service in this area has been light-years better than some of the other companies we’ve tried. And thanks to the Consumerist.