Game Review - Home

Game Review – Home

“Where am I? Is this blood? What have I done?”

Okay, just finished my first playthrough of Home, an indie game developed by Benjamin Rivers, newly available via Steam. I’m a lightweight when it comes to horror stuff, but I’m a little freaked out here.  I bought it (for all of $2.54) because of the old school graphics, and the thought that what happened is based on your perception and choices as much as what was programmed.  If you don’t want to be unspoiled, read the ‘What Happened?’ link to see what I mean.  I can’t honestly tell if some of the things these other people saw or did are real or not.  “Who was that following me in the forest??” one asks…what??  Did I miss that, or what it really happening?  “I wish I had let that mouse out of the trap…”  Why?  What happened because of that mouse?  Goes to show that a good game experience isn’t based on pixel shaders and frames per second.  If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back and taking the shovel with me this time…