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  • Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – Game Review

    Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – Game Review

    The theme song is already in your head, isn’t it? It got lodged there for me as soon as I found out that we were getting a new Samurai Jack game. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is the latest from Soleil Ltd., published by Adult Swim Games. They previously made Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers. […]

  • Game Review – Home

    Game Review – Home

    Okay, just finished my first playthrough of Home, an indie game developed by Benjamin Rivers, newly available via Steam. I’m a lightweight when it comes to horror stuff, but I’m a little freaked out here.  I bought it (for all of $2.54) because of the old school graphics, and the thought that what happened is based […]

  • Vintage Gaming – X-Com Series

    Vintage Gaming – X-Com Series

    The Summer Steam Sale has only gotten me for one thing so far, and it’s the X-Com series of games.  I’ve never played them, and I figured it’s time.  I’ll be updating this post with thoughts on each of the games as time permits.  Feel free to comment with your memories or strategies as you […]

  • Lightning Game Review – Realm of the Mad God

    Lightning Game Review – Realm of the Mad God

    I was glancing through the Steam ‘Free to Play’ section, lamenting how bad Star Trek Online was when I tried it, when I spotted Realm of the Mad God.  The vintage 8-bit style caught my eye, and it promised fast-paced cooperative action which would be a refreshing change from the heavy fantasy RPGs I’ve played […]

  • Essential Software

    Essential Software

    I just got a new laptop (this Toshiba, if you are curious) and as such, have a blank slate for new software to install.  In case it’s helpful, here’s what I put on any new PC: System Tools: Daemon Tools – No, not for pirated software.  I have, over the years, lost or damaged a […]