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  • Movie Review – The Marvels With Some General MCU Musings

    Movie Review – The Marvels With Some General MCU Musings

    The Marvels I’m late to the party for a lot of reasons, but I finally got to watch The Marvels tonight. I loved it! It’s not in the top tier of MCU movies for me, but solidly in the middle. The main issue is one that’s existed in the MCU for some time – a…

  • Marvel’s Avengers – Missed Opportunities

    Marvel’s Avengers – Missed Opportunities

    I’m enjoying Marvel’s Avengers. It’s not a bad game. It’s decent. Everything about it is decent. Decent animations, skins, story, and so on. What’s weird and off-putting is wrapping all of that around a live-service engine.

  • Marvel Joins Amazon Prime Reading

    Marvel Joins Amazon Prime Reading

    Just a head’s up for anybody who likes to get their money’s worth out of their Amazon Prime subscription, Marvel is now partnered with Amazon to have their comics show up there (as well as some selections in Kindle Unlimited and Comixology Unlimited).  Those are cool if you already pay the extra subscription fee for either…

  • Marvel’s Biggest Missed Opportunity

    Marvel’s Biggest Missed Opportunity

    It’s kind of shocking how quickly the tables have turned on the big two in the comics industry.  Just a few years ago, while DC was languishing under the “New 52”, Marvel was having a creative boom.  Whether it was Matt Fraction and David Aja bringing a fresh take to Hawkeye, their first headlining Muslim…

  • What’s New on Marvel Unlimited – May 22 to May 28, 2016

    What’s New on Marvel Unlimited – May 22 to May 28, 2016

    Every week, Marvel adds new comics to their Marvel Unlimited service. Sometimes it’s new stuff – most series they publish get issues added about 6 months after they are released in shops – and others it’s older comics. But there’s always something interesting and I will point them out weekly. Starting thing this week is…

  • The “For Boys” Problem

    The “For Boys” Problem

    This is my daughter, Mattie (and the back of my other daughter, Eva).  The girls have taken on my love of comics, mostly due to the show Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  M is wearing her new Captain America hoodie which may be her new favorite possession.  Upon seeing it in the…