TV Review – Amazon’s The Tick Season One

I mentioned this when I talked about the pilot episode, that it amazes me that The Tick keeps getting chances.  The latest show, on Amazon, is the third time the hero has appeared on our screens.  Not bad for a hero that was created a mascot for a comic book shop.  The comics that came… Continue reading TV Review – Amazon’s The Tick Season One

Marvel Joins Amazon Prime Reading

Just a head’s up for anybody who likes to get their money’s worth out of their Amazon Prime subscription, Marvel is now partnered with Amazon to have their comics show up there (as well as some selections in Kindle Unlimited and Comixology Unlimited).  Those are cool if you already pay the extra subscription fee for either… Continue reading Marvel Joins Amazon Prime Reading

New Amazon Pilot: The Tick

The Tick is both blessed and cursed by TV.  Blessed because very few comics from such an obscure source would get not one, not two, but three tries at a series.  Cursed, because the first two attempts were both on Fox and had plenty of network interference/mismanagment.  The third try may just be the charm,… Continue reading New Amazon Pilot: The Tick

Vintage Gaming – Oni

Beat ’em up games have a long history, whether in the arcade or on your various console systems.  From Renegade to Double Dragon to River City Ransom, this style of game was a fun diversion from my RPG and Sim game-filled life at the time.  You might consider Oni a logical extension from those games.  Made… Continue reading Vintage Gaming – Oni

Ender’s Game – Might it FINALLY Happen?

If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge Orson Scott Card fan, with my favorite book of his always alternating between Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead.  The idea for an Ender’s Game movie has been in Hollywood for years, at one point looking like Wolfgang Petersen would get it done. … Continue reading Ender’s Game – Might it FINALLY Happen?

InterGalactic Medicine Show

If you are a fan of science fiction, you should check out Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, which is an anthology of stories from OSC’s web magazine. Two friends of mine have been published there (Ty Franck and Scott Roberts) and would make the compilation well worth it.

PriceDrop – Firefox Extension

Here’s more fun found at Lifehacker: PriceDrop. It lets you track items on Amazon for price drops, and the advantage is all the details are stored locally, not on an external website. Very useful to keep an eye on items for price guarantees. There’s a somewhat similar web-based app called PriceProtectr that works for a… Continue reading PriceDrop – Firefox Extension