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Annie and the AI – Game Review

I was given the privilege of playing Annie and the AI, by NoSleepGames, when codes were offered to streamers and content creators. It’s sort of a visual novel combined with a puzzle game. You play as Esme, an AI being developed by Annie (voiced by the talented Katy Bentz). As you complete various puzzles, you encounter bits and pieces of Annie’s life, which serves to both introduce you to Annie and her complicated family life and teach you as Esme what it means to be a living, thinking being.

The puzzles are interesting but are really there to drive you through the story. I won’t spoil things, but Annie’s life with her two sisters, caring for their father had tears welling up a few different times. The story can hit you hard, especially if you’ve had a family member who needed long-term care.

I really enjoyed playing through Annie and the AI. It’s definitely worth the $9 you currently would pay for it – you’d pay more for a movie nowadays, and I got more time/entertainment out of it than that. If you’d like to watch the VOD of my playthrough, I’ll share both parts below:





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