Comic Book Review – Black Widow #1 (2016)

The best description I’ve seen for this new Black Widow comic is it’s the cold open to a new James Bond movie, but starring our favorite super-spy.  It’s pure action.  Seriously all we learn is, Widow steals *something* from SHIELD and busts out of a helicarrier.  That’s all we know, but it’s A-OK because that means we get twenty pages of Natasha being a badass.  That might seem thin, except this is the same team of Chris Samnee and Mark Waid (colors from Matthew Wilson) that just straight killed it on Daredevil (seriously, I just read them and I may be talking about that soon) so they’ve got a long leash.  For now, we get to bask in the beautiful art and try and figure out of Nat is really on the outs with SHIELD or if there’s another game happening.  If you need more Widow in your life, check out volume one of her last series.



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