Oscars Thoughts

A random collection of thoughts as I watched much of the Oscars broadcast last night.  In no particular order:

  • Unless you are a professional comedian, don’t ‘open with a joke’ when giving your acceptance speech.  Chances are you will either botch it, or it won’t be as funny as you thought.  Just stop.
  • Actually, there are only two correct responses to winning – the “HOLY *bleep* I WON??  I thank YOU and YOU and YOU” excited response that you see with many of the Documentary filmmakers or what have you, and the ultra-smooth, “I’m a pro at all aspects of my life”, like what you saw from Christopher Plummer.  Seriously, I’m certain that if I didn’t already have facial hair, I would’ve grown some after listening to him talk.
  • Natalie Portman can spoil the end of whatever movie she wants.
  • The Artist winning stuff just shows that Hollywood loves patting itself on the back for it’s past.
  • Rango is a solid choice for Animated Feature, though I still question how The Adventures of  Tintin didn’t at least get nominated.
  • If you are curious (as we were) about The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, here you go:

William Joyce’s works, both the original books and the subsequent adaptations, are lovely.  Very underrated.  Check his stuff out if you haven’t before this.

  • Despite how much love The Muppets got, and that there was only one other nominee, but I think the song from Rio is better.
  • I could listen to Penelope Cruz read just about anything.
  • Needs more comic book movies.

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