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  • Oscars Thoughts

    A random collection of thoughts as I watched much of the Oscars broadcast last night.  In no particular order: Unless you are a professional comedian, don’t ‘open with a joke’ when giving your acceptance speech.  Chances are you will either botch it, or it won’t be as funny as you thought.  Just stop. Actually, there […]

  • Friday Finds – Remembering

    It’s 11/11/11, a day I’m already tired of being reminded of as being ‘special’.  The REAL reason it’s special is Veteran’s Day (or Rememberance Day for you folks north of me).  My dad was in the Navy for 26 years, in Vietnam, in the Gulf during some tense times, all of that.  I heard a ton […]

  • Best Animated Film 2011 – Which Should Be Nominated?

    Best Animated Film 2011 – Which Should Be Nominated?

    As seen at Slashfilm, there will be at least 18 eligible animated movies to get Oscar nominations this year, which means there could be 5 nominees in the category.  I’ve actually seen most of them, aside from the four foreign ones and the ones releasing in the next few weeks.  With Pixar’s only entry the […]