The Forum Returns!

Ever so quietly, a link to the forum section of the site has returned.  Why?  Well, mostly because I wanted to play around a bit.  It’s been upgraded to the latest version of SMF for the forum software, and has a dice roller to make forum games much easier.  If anyone wants to join – or reactivate a long dormant account – have at it.  What can you do there?  Chat about stuff long form, of course, but I have the itch to game again.  If anyone wants to start up a play by post game of Dungeons and Dragons or something similar, let me know and I’ll dedicate a forum to it. Might very well start up another newbie game myself.  Anyway, you have the link, check it out.

Oh, if you need an account, either comment here, email me at mighty tick at google’s mail service, or send up a signal flare.  Keeping it closed so I don’t have to deal with spam.

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