Old Game Tuesday is now Vintage Gaming

I’m renaming the ‘Old Game Tuesday’ feature ‘Vintage Gaming’, so I don’t feel so bad about missing it/being late with it.  Also, when I DO write them up, I love it so much I want to post it right away.  So, now I will.  Also, if you have something you’d like to contribute or cross-promote… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday is now Vintage Gaming

The Forum Returns!

Ever so quietly, a link to the forum section of the site has returned.  Why?  Well, mostly because I wanted to play around a bit.  It’s been upgraded to the latest version of SMF for the forum software, and has a dice roller to make forum games much easier.  If anyone wants to join –… Continue reading The Forum Returns!

Big Website Announcement!

Hey, guys.  I have decided to put a little separation between my Sabres/NHL bloggin’ and tweetin’, and everything else.  So now, if you want to read about my thoughts on the Buffalo Sabres, go to Shutdown Pair.  This site is still where you want to go for everything else, including my movie reviews, gadget talk,… Continue reading Big Website Announcement!

Fun With SPAM: Most Important!!!

As a slightly popular blogger, I get a good amount of spam comments, though most is caught by the filters. The rest vary from ugly linkfests to sneaky-sly advertising. Here’s a recent favorite (note, may be some swearing): name: step ladders Hello, Mr. Ladders! The lowercase name is edgy. And ‘step’, your parents were unique.… Continue reading Fun With SPAM: Most Important!!!

A Bit Of Housekeeping

Just a heads up: If you normally browse HIYLJ from a handheld device (and I am impressed at how many of you do), you should now get a much more small-screen friendly display thanks to the WPTouch plugin. If you’ve seen the Willful Caboose via a mobile browser, you’ve got the right idea. buried movie… Continue reading A Bit Of Housekeeping

Adjudicating the Blogroll

Inspired by Kevin’s blogroll editing, I’ve taken a look at my blogroll and tweaked it. For me, since there were so few links, it really involves adding and not subtracting. Any of the sites I have gone back to after the first visit are in. If it’s something I’ve linked to, it’s pretty much in… Continue reading Adjudicating the Blogroll


Recent WordPress Spam: The Lazy: ‘Payday Loan’ and ‘Faxless Payday Loans’ The almost Celebrity named: Allison Hannigan, yeah, I don’t think so. pwnz0red by teh englihs: Bill… Good up the good work…. Thanks to akismet for stopping over 100 spams, but still letting me see them for the comedic value.