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Skyrim Stories – The Shakiest Swordarm In The North

This is a new series I’m doing, highlighting some of the cool cinematic moments I find myself in while playing Skyrim.  I hope you enjoy them.

A rescue mission!  My first task as a new Companion is to head to a cave and rescue Camilla Valerius of Riverwood.  I collect Lydia, my housecarl, and head out of Whiterun.  I see from my map that our path will take us past abandoned Fort Greymoor, which is sure to have at least a few bandits nearby (abandoned forts are funny that way).  We approach the fort, and spot at least two bowmen stationed on the battlements.  It looks like more at first, but the bandits have placed training dummies along the wall to try and obscure their numbers.  Smart.  I line up a bow shot on the living bandit on the wall, and let loose an arrow.  Hit, but not dead, he alerts his companions.  At least a half-dozen bandits come boiling out of the ruined gate.  I raise my bow again as Lydia fires her first arrow, confident I will hit SOMETHING with all the targets when I hear it.  Beating wings, and an ear-piercing shriek.


I scramble for the cover of the wall while shooting arrows, and I see the bandits have momentarily forgotten our quarrel and are doing the same.  The dragon glides around in a circle, then dives towards the ground, landing just in front of the gate.  I run left as a tongue of flame sweeps my way.  I’ve lost track of Lydia; I can only hope she got out of the way and is still in the fight.

I put aside my bow and take out a massive axe.  I run to the dragon’s side and swing the axe into it with a scream.  The creature howls in pain, and I swing again.  Scales are flying, blood flies off the axe and into my face, but I keep hacking.  The bandits keep firing arrows, and I, with one more mighty swing, cave in the dragon’s ribcage.  I stumble back as beams of light curl out of the dragon and into me, and I feel the power.  I then feel a sword crash into my helm, apparently there’s a couple of surviving bandits.  I whirl on them and use my VOICE.  They fall back – one stumbles to the ground – I swing wildly at the two still standing and they fall.  Without pause I line up a powerful swing, and realize too late that my target is wearing a nice set of steel armor.

The force of the killing blow rolls the body over.  It’s Lydia.  Oh, crap.  At least she won’t have to carry my burdens anymore.

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2 replies on “Skyrim Stories – The Shakiest Swordarm In The North”

Noooooooo! I love Lydia, she’s my favorite follower so far. We’ve done so much, been so many places. She’s always there to carry my burdens or get set on fire by my poor aim.

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