TV Review – Amazon’s The Tick Season One

I mentioned this when I talked about the pilot episode, that it amazes me that The Tick keeps getting chances.  The latest show, on Amazon, is the third time the hero has appeared on our screens.  Not bad for a hero that was created a mascot for a comic book shop.  The comics that came… Continue reading TV Review – Amazon’s The Tick Season One

New Amazon Pilot: The Tick

The Tick is both blessed and cursed by TV.  Blessed because very few comics from such an obscure source would get not one, not two, but three tries at a series.  Cursed, because the first two attempts were both on Fox and had plenty of network interference/mismanagment.  The third try may just be the charm,… Continue reading New Amazon Pilot: The Tick

Our Free Comic Book Day 2015 Haul!

Above you can see the picks both me and my kids picked out for Free Comic Book Day 2015!  I didn’t get to get out early so I missed a couple of the free books I wanted (the Dark Horse sampler with the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic, and Terrible Lizard) but we still got… Continue reading Our Free Comic Book Day 2015 Haul!

Happy Birthday Townsend Coleman

Happy Birthday to Townsend Coleman, voice actor extraordinaire. People of my vintage may not know his name, but we know his work. Most famously, he was the voice of the Ninja Turtle Michaelangelo…and my favorite, The Tick. (to keep this sports related, he voiced Wayne Gretzky on ProStars) His voice acting profile is here, and… Continue reading Happy Birthday Townsend Coleman

Beware The Other Head Of Science, Arthur, It Bites!

Okay, so, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore ‘National Ignition Facility’ will be attempting to create a ‘tiny man-made star’ inside their laboratory. This concerns me on multiple levels. First, that is an awesome name for a place of employment. They have that going for them, at least. However, take a look at the first picture… Continue reading Beware The Other Head Of Science, Arthur, It Bites!


I went to see The Incredible Hulk over the weekend (twice, in fact). I enjoyed it quite a bit, although Iron Man is still my movie of the year so far. I only read Hulk comics when I got ’em in the multipacks I bought, but I enjoyed what I read of Peter David’s run.… Continue reading Hulk SMASH