Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – What We Know

The site is getting hammered, but here’s what’s been gleaned from various sources (most notably Trent Oster’s Twitter account) about the now-official Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition (BGEE): Both BG1 and BG2 will be getting the ‘Enhanced’ treatment – though what that is exactly hasn’t been laid out.  Improved graphics, bug fixes, and Trent says it… Continue reading Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – What We Know

Poll – Best D&D Computer Game?

Just what it says.  Where applicable, include all official add-ons and expansions.  I lumped Icewind Dale 1 and 2 together, also.  If you have another pick, comment on what it is.

On Sequels

Reading some of the reviews and discussions out there on Dragon Age 2 got me to thinking – Did Bioware do a disservice to themselves by declaring this game a sequel?  They call it a sequel on the game’s official site, and they put a ‘2’ after it, but it may have damaged the perception… Continue reading On Sequels

Old Game Tuesday – Baldur’s Gate

When I was younger, there was a certain class of gamer nerd that even I didn’t ‘get’.  They did their gaming with large sheets of paper and miniatures and a whole mess of dice.  The closest I’d ever gotten to that was a few books that had you roll dice to determine the outcome of… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – Baldur’s Gate