Old Game Tuesday – Red Storm Rising

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I mentioned previously that a good bit of my early gaming was wargames.  This was due in large part to my dad being in the Navy and me growing up obsessed with the massive ships and salty dogs I saw with him.  Red Storm Rising is one of my favorite games from that time in… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – Red Storm Rising

Dragon Age 2 Demo Impressions

I played through one full run of the DA2 Demo (male rogue), and to be honest, it’s got me a little worried.  The visuals are definitely different, probably better, but with the way combat jumps around so much it feels more like an older MMO.  The powers recharge quickly, the action more frenetic (yes, I… Continue reading Dragon Age 2 Demo Impressions

Future Games I Want

Dragon Age 2. Still gotta try the demo, but really, I’m all over it.  (have it now, see my reviews) The Elder Scrolls:  Skyrim.  My favorite characters in Morrowind and Oblivion were both Nords.  Looks really, really cool. Portal 2.  Please assume the party escort submission position. Batman:  Arkham City.  Sweet trailer, sounds like a… Continue reading Future Games I Want

Old Game Tuesday – The Oregon Trail

I’ve spoken about educational games before, and this is one of the big ones, The Oregon Trail.  Most people in my generation (or close to it) played this in school, on the Apple IIe or IIgs in my case, and it was one of the first ‘edutainment’ games I played that was actually fun. First,… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – The Oregon Trail

Old Game Tuesday – Baldur’s Gate

When I was younger, there was a certain class of gamer nerd that even I didn’t ‘get’.  They did their gaming with large sheets of paper and miniatures and a whole mess of dice.  The closest I’d ever gotten to that was a few books that had you roll dice to determine the outcome of… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – Baldur’s Gate

Seeing Art

If you are like me, and you read Roger Ebert’s excellent Twitter feed and blog, you know he sometimes gets on a subject and won’t let go.  Recently, one such topic has been how video games can’t be art.  Now, video games are pretty close to my heart (as close as movies are to Mr.… Continue reading Seeing Art

Old Game Tuesday – Stars!

As I roll through these old games, you are going to notice that 4X games are well-represented. One of my personal favorites is Stars!, released wa-a-ay back in 1995. Jeff Johnson and Jeff McBride created the game for their own enjoyment, and decided to release it as Shareware. People still did that back then, you… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – Stars!

Old Game Tuesday – M.U.L.E.

M.U.L.E. holds the distinction of being the game I’ve probably played the longest. I was first exposed to it on my old Commodore 64, and though there are many classics from that era (which may be covered here in the future), this is the one that has kept my interest continually since then. M.U.L.E. is… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – M.U.L.E.