Movie Review – TRON: Legacy

I caught a 3D showing of TRON: Legacy this weekend, and I love it.  I might just be their ideal movie-goer.  I did see the original TRON at some point, far enough back that I watched it on one of these bad boys.  My Grandfather liked to buy wacky things at auctions, and came home with a… Continue reading Movie Review – TRON: Legacy

Review: Sprint LG Optimus S

The time came this month, where I could get a new phone.  I wasn’t really planning on it, considering I loved my Hero and there’s no 4G here yet via Sprint.  However, I kept hearing AWESOME things about the LG Optimus S, and when it went on sale basically for free this past weekend, I… Continue reading Review: Sprint LG Optimus S

Lightning Movie Review – Tangled

We took the kids to see Tangled this weekend, and Mattie in particular LOVED IT.  As in, during the moving saying ‘Mommy I WUV DIS MOVIE!’, and having to come over and sit on my lap so she could tell me the same thing directly.  Okay, and get direct access to more popcorn.  I thought… Continue reading Lightning Movie Review – Tangled

Lightning Movie Review – Megamind

Saw this over the weekend with the kids – it was a solid kids movie, kept my 7 year old and 2.5 year old entertained while keeping a smile on my face throughout.  Didn’t generate huge laughs or anything, but I enjoyed it and would see it again.  Despicable Me wins out for me in… Continue reading Lightning Movie Review – Megamind

Sprint Hero on Android 2.1 – One Year Later

In case it’s useful to you, I thought I’d go over how the Hero I bought just about a year ago has held up.  I know it hasn’t been on 2.1 for that whole time, but I upgraded a few weeks early with a custom rom (on stock now), so close enough. Overall, I’m extremely… Continue reading Sprint Hero on Android 2.1 – One Year Later

Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening, and the DLCs

My First Warden. Destruction, personified.

I don’t think I ever officially review DA:O in this space (but I love it), but I thought that now that all the DLCs are out and the game is basically done, I’d take another look at the ‘story based’ addons.  SPOILERS ABOUND. First, in case you can’t tell, I love the game.  Otherwise, I… Continue reading Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening, and the DLCs

Go Ahead And Thank Me

I saw part of Cats and Dogs 3D, but I’m not going to subject you to any review of it.  I’d rather not think that much about it.  Chris O’Donnell had best hope NCIS:LA stays on the air or he’ll be stuck making these animal movies (probably with Brendan Fraser).  That’s a fate I wouldn’t… Continue reading Go Ahead And Thank Me

Movie Review – Despicable Me

I took Thomas and Mattie to see this on Saturday, and we all enjoyed it quite a bit.  Well, Mattie was more interested in popcorn and changing seats, but that’s why we go to the kid-friendly showing in the morning. ;) The story is about Gru, a super-villain comfortable in his solitary life until a… Continue reading Movie Review – Despicable Me

Movie Review: The Last Airbender – An Outsider’s View

I took my son to a birthday party this weekend, and as part of that, he got to see The Last Airbender.  I waffled and hemmed and hawed, but figured I’d ride shotgun with him in case it got too scary (he’s a sensitive soul).  Now, I’ve probably only seen about 10 minutes total of… Continue reading Movie Review: The Last Airbender – An Outsider’s View

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Movie Review: Toy Story 3

What?  Oh hi, didn’t see you there…huh?  No, I have something in my eye *sniff* that’s all.  It’s a movie about toys for crying out loud!  Uh, crying is a bad choice of words… The whole family went to see Toy Story 3 this weekend, and of course we all loved it.  Plenty of action,… Continue reading Movie Review: Toy Story 3

Movie Review: The A-Team

I went and saw The A-Team last night, and I have to say I enjoyed myself.  It was exactly what I expected, nothing more, nothing less.  It had plenty of nods to the series, while modernizing it and making it different enough that you didn’t feel like you’d seen it all before.  Glad I went. … Continue reading Movie Review: The A-Team