• Explain This – Extraction Shooters

    Explain This – Extraction Shooters

    Welcome to the first in a series of posts, where I explain the things that your kids may be geeking out about. Just the other day, Sony held their “Playstation Showcase” where some new titles were announced. One of the most intriguing, for gamers of a certain age, was Bungie’s Marathon: In marketing material, the […]

  • Movie Review – Black Adam

    Movie Review – Black Adam

    *sigh* How can DC/Warner Brothers can find a bunch of attractive, talented, charismatic people, and make a movie that is so aggressively mediocre? Black Adam is a HUGE missed opportunity, one that Warner keeps making over and over again. Thousands of years ago, the kingdom of Kahndaq (a stand-in for Egypt) was ruled by an […]

  • Comic Book Review – Sentient

    Comic Book Review – Sentient

    I was cruising NetGalley for new stuff to read, and came across Sentient (Deluxe Edition) by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Gabriel Walta, with letters by Steve Wands. The names drew my eye immediately, as I know Lemire’s writing from following up the legendary Hawkeye run by Fraction/Aja/etc., and Gabriel Walta’s art from The Vision. […]

  • In Praise of Louise Fletcher’s Kai Winn

    In Praise of Louise Fletcher’s Kai Winn

    Hollywood lost a wonderful actress, with Louise Fletcher passing away at home at 88 years of age. While for many she was best known for her Oscar-winning role as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, we nerds loved to hate her Winn Adami, the religious leader of the Bajorans. It’s wild that […]

  • Not Everything in the MCU is For You

    Not Everything in the MCU is For You

    When the Marvel Cinematic Universe first kicked off with 2008’s Iron Man, there was nothing like it. A brand new universe filled with updated versions of our favorite comic book characters, played by some of Hollywood’s hottest (or soon-to-be hottest) actors. It’s easy to forget how different it was back at the beginning than it […]

  • Babylon 5 and Philosophy – Believers

    Babylon 5 and Philosophy – Believers

    On a whim I decided to start watching the original Babylon 5 again since the big announcement. I’ve been hesitant to do so, in case it didn’t hold up to my teenage memories. I’m closing in on half-way through the first season, and I needn’t have worried. Despite the wonky CGI and hammy acting, the […]

  • Babylon 5 – Are We Excited?

    Babylon 5 – Are We Excited?

    It’s finally happening. Babylon 5 is getting a “from-the-ground-up reboot” at the CW. Original series creator J. Michael Straczynski (JMS from here on out) is back producing and showrunning. Honestly, read his thread there, I’ll wait. He talks a lot about how he’s changed as a creator, how the new show will be different because […]

  • Marvel’s Black Widow Problem

    Marvel’s Black Widow Problem

    We watched Black Widow a little while ago, and it was fine! Solid action, and the new characters were great. Especially Yelena. There’s just one problem with the movie – there’s no reason for it to exist in the MCU, except for setting up other shit. The character of Black Widow is currently dead (and […]

  • TV Review – Lupin (Netflix)

    TV Review – Lupin (Netflix)

    Fresh off of watching Lupin III the First, I’ve also watched the French show Lupin (first part now on Netflix). In this case, the story isn’t covering Lupin himself (the original OR the third one), but a man named Assane Diop, who commits a crime inspired by the tales of Lupin to get revenge on […]

  • Movie Review – Lupin III The First

    Movie Review – Lupin III The First

    “LUPIN!!!” shouts Interpol Inspector Zenigata as the crafty thief outsmarts him and escapes yet again. It’s a classic scene required in any movie about a master thief. Lupin III: The First follows the eponymous thief as he attempts to steal the Bresson diary, which links back to his own past via has grandfather, Arsene Lupin, […]

  • Manifesting 2021

    So 2020 was a bust. I know I had a lot I wanted to do this year regarding streams and gaming, but the massive disruption caused by the pandemic threw everything into chaos. Like many Dads I became work and school from home tech and moral support for the whole family. There’s a constant level […]

  • Marvel’s Avengers – Missed Opportunities

    Marvel’s Avengers – Missed Opportunities

    I’m enjoying Marvel’s Avengers. It’s not a bad game. It’s decent. Everything about it is decent. Decent animations, skins, story, and so on. What’s weird and off-putting is wrapping all of that around a live-service engine.