Comic Book Review – The Ultimates: Omniversal Volume 1

Start with the Impossible

Creative Team:

  • Writer:  Al Ewing
  • Art:  Kenneth Rocafort
  • Colors:  Dan Brown
  • Letters:  Joe Sabino

The Ultimates had my attention from the start, by putting together a team starring heroes I love – Captain Marvel, Ms. America, Black Panther, and Monica Rambeau – and oh yeah, GALACTUS is on the cover.  Add in the Blue Marvel, and how could I not check it out?

The team assembles with one goal in mind – to deal proactively with the cosmic threats that always seem to end up threatening Earth.  And what better one to start with than Galactus, the hunger that does not cease?  And if you can cure big G of his hunger, should you?  That’s just the first impossible question the Ultimates tackle.

If there is one thing I wish were different on this, it’s that there’s a lot of set-up happening for future events, and not a ton of room for every character to shine.  But I get the feeling everyone will get a turn, and the stories in this volume focus quite a bit on Blue Marvel and his history, with a little bit of Ms. America in for good measure.  Add in an in-universe explanation for how time works in the Marvel universe, and a couch conversation between Owen Reece and Galactus, and you pretty much have me hooked.  Al Ewing does a solid job writing for all these big personalities, and the art from Rocafort and Brown is quite lovely.


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