What’s New on Marvel Unlimited – May 15 to May 21, 2016

Every week, Marvel adds new comics to their Marvel Unlimited service. Sometimes it’s new stuff – most series they publish get issues added about 6 months after they are released in shops – and others it’s older comics. But there’s always something interesting and I will point them out weekly.

First up is the Jason Aaron, Russel Dauterman, Matt Wilson Mighty Thor #1.  Despite the numbering, this is the continuing story of Jane Foster as Thor, both in her struggles in her mortal form versus cancer, and as the God of Thunder against Malekith the Accursed…and a few other classic Thor villains.  I’ll say no more than that.  Very solid stuff.

Next choice is Ultimates #1.  Al Ewing, Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown bring you the ‘Ultimate team, to solve the ultimate problems”.  Captain Marvel, Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau), and Ms. America combine for a cosmic team dealing with the biggest threats in surprising ways.  I love these characters, and mashing them together is perfect.

Lastly, Captain America: Sam Wilson #3 has Sam turned into Cap-Wolf (a nod to one of the stranger classic Cap storylines) and teaming up with Misty Knight.  I believe it’s also the origin of the new Falcon (since Sam is staying as Captain America, even as Steve takes the name too).  By Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuña and Mike Choi.

Other comics of note:

  • More 90s X-Men comics for your nostalgia.
  • Kanan #8, for you Star Wars: Rebels fans.
  • Lots of newer Spider-Man stuff – Radioactive Spider-Gwen #2, Web-Warriors #1, Spider-Man 2099 #3.

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