What’s New on Marvel Unlimited – May 4, 2016

Every week, Marvel adds new comics to their Marvel Unlimited service.  Sometimes it’s new stuff – most series they publish get issues added about 6 months after they are released in shops – and others it’s older comics.  But there’s always something interesting and I will point them out weekly.

First up is Marvel Spotlight #6, which re-tells the origin of Star-Lord.  Peter was first seen in the black and white Marvel Premiere magazine in 1976, but if you missed those (and seriously you probably did) this gets you in with the basics of the Star-Lord’s original origin.  It’s fun to go back and see just how much things changed – so much that Marvel considers these stories to be separate from the mainline universe.

In more recent comics, the first two issues of Doctor Strange’s All-New, All-Different book are now on MU.  I really enjoyed Jason Aaron’s writing on Thor: God of Thunder, and Chris Bachalo (various X-Men titles) can bring the weird.

The last item I’d like to highlight is Hercules #1.  Herc has been a hero in the Marvel U a long time – and in myth and legend much longer.  As he himself would point out, Hercules (one of many names he goes by) was basically the world’s first superhero.  However, he never quite fit into the modern world, his drunken debauchery as legendary as his labors.  Dan Abnett and Luke Ross show us a more mature Herc here, and I’m liking it.  Instead of just assuming his strength and good looks can get him by, he’s grown up.  He’s learning about what the modern world has to offer and is trying to be a more…responsible hero.  And hey, Dan Abnett (half of the team that brought us the Guardians of the Galaxy that inspired the movie) is always a plus.

Other titles of note:

  • Two-Gun Kid #60 – Jack Kirby’s western hero.
  • Men’s Adventures #27-28 – Adventures of the original Human Torch and Toro.
  • Drax – Cullen Bunn and CM Punk write solo adventures for everyone’s favorite Destroyer.


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