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Book Review – The Black Beetle: No Way Out

As I’ve eased my way back into comics, I’ve discovered a few artists I like.  One of those is Francesco Francavilla, who I first saw filling in on Hawkeye.  His style edges more towards noir and pulp, and it’s never looked better than in his own comic series, The Black Beetle.  Taking it’s cues from vintage Batman, the Green Hornet and Indiana Jones, the Black Beetle protects Colt City from all manner of threats, gangsters, supernatural cults, and Nazis.  He has guns, he has gadgets, and he has a cool car.  In the four part story included in the Trade Paperback, the Beetle is moving in to take out a bunch of mafia members at a meeting…until someone beats him to it.  The chase is on to figure out who has the pull to take out two crime families.

This is a fun book!  Sometimes the dialogue gets a bit clunky, but considering Francavilla is Italian, I just roll with it and enjoy the ride.  The dynamic scenes and essence of motion in Francavilla’s art more than makes up for any other problems.  The trade drops on October 29, pre-order your copy now!

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