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The Legend of Korra – Peacekeepers

"...comin' right back at ya, like my boomerang!"
“…comin’ right back at ya, like my boomerang!”

Korra just can’t catch a break.  Heading to Republic City to seek aid for the Southern Water Tribe only brings tensions with Mako to a breaking point.  Then, the President refuses to commit troops help defend the South, and Korra tries to go around him to General Iroh directly.  Unfortunately, Mako feels compelled by duty to report it, and the Prez (who I can’t tell if he’s really a slimeball or just a regular politician) puts a stop to it.  Oh no!  The Makorra ship has foundered!

Bolin gets employed by Varrick, starring in propaganda films to support the Southern Water Tribe, and Asami edges closer to war profiteering.  The Southern Water Tribe cultural center is bombed, and only Mako seems to care that it wasn’t the North that did it.  Seriously, the older cops couldn’t seem more like the stereotypical “round up the usual suspects” suckers if they tried.

 So, Korra has broken up with her boyfriend, been stonewalled by the President on assistance for her outgunned rebel parents, and makes a desperate run (at Iroh’s urging) to the Fire Nation to seek help there.  Too bad Desna and Eska attack on the way there, with Eska losing it over Bolin.  But no, that’s not enough trouble for our girl, as a giant spirit rises up out of the ocean and, well, appears to eat her.  Interestingly, Korr almost succeeds at pacifying it the same way Unalaq did the earlier ones.

I won’t get the see tonight’s episode live, but I hope to catch it before the weekend’s up.  Have fun, guys!

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