Book Review – Spiral, a Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith Comic

I have a review copy of the trade paperback collection of the five part Spiral series, which is a Star Wars comic set in the Old Republic era.  This means that the Sith are still an entire empire of their own, though the ‘Lost Tribe of the Sith’ are actually a splinter group stranded on a planet with no means of travel or communication off-world.  Got all that?  Yeah, me neither.  What it means is lightsabers and Force powers all over the place.  Can’t be all bad.

In fact, if there’s one problem I had with it, it’s that everybody’s a ‘bad guy’.  Sith all over the damn place.  I have a hard time playing evil characters in games, and a hard time rooting for them in books.  Also, the EU’s tough red-headed Jedi woman role is already filled, even if Mara Jade isn’t born for several thousand more years.  Seems derivative.  Anyway, it was entertaining enough to read despite the issues, which may be specific to me.  I wanted to know what happened, even if it ended up being just the slightly less evil guys that won out.






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