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I KNEW this would happen.  I bought a copy of Hugo the other day, and we watched it.  My son (the stick-in-the-mud who wouldn’t go see it with me in the theater) loved it.  I love it.  The visuals are amazing, the story wonderful, and the casting perfect.  I can’t wait to see Asa Butterfield and Ben Kingsley team back up for Ender’s Game.  I hope more of our great filmmakers get the itch to try a big-budget adaptation more often.

I won’t bore you by going over the details of the plot – considering the buzz it generated, you probably figured out the gist.  I would note that a sensitive younger child might be scared at a few different moments, especially if they have a tendency to invest themselves deeply in the movies they watch.  I still remember how upset Thomas was when Nemo got separated from Marlin in Finding Nemo.  There are a few action sequences but not enough to keep the attention of a more fidgety kid, also, but Thomas and Mattie paid very close attention.

If you were on the fence about seeing it, definitely do so.  It’s been one that my son has asked to see again and again, which is one way I judge just how good a movie is for kids.  For my part, it’s a film I can see myself being okay watching again and again.  Highly recommended.

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