Book Review – The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham

I just finished The Dragon’s Path, the latest novel by Daniel Abraham.  Once, dragons ruled the land where the book takes place, but mostly what is left are the roads.  The city of Vanai, often used as a token swapped back and forth between empires, is again threatened by war.  It’s a war former hero Marcus Wester wants no part of, leaving town protecting a caravan of simple merchants.  Save one, Cithrin, ward of the Medean bank, who happens to be smuggling all of the bank’s treasures out under the guise of a simple carter.  The King isn’t doing much better, with the Severed Throne dealing with split factions at court – and when the son of a lesser noble house does the unthinkable in the siege of Vanai, the entire world is sent off-kilter.  And oh yeah, an ancient religion sets it’s sights on the King’s son.

The book starts a bit slow, introducing each character arc in turn, but picks up steam as the story leaves Vanai.  My jaw dropped at some of the twists, and the realization at the end…I should’ve seen it coming, but I missed it.  I won’t spoil it, but I knew I was engrossed when that detail had escaped me.  If you are a fan at all of fantasy novels with a gritty feel, this book is for you.  Read it.

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