Movie Review – Despicable Me

I took Thomas and Mattie to see this on Saturday, and we all enjoyed it quite a bit.  Well, Mattie was more interested in popcorn and changing seats, but that’s why we go to the kid-friendly showing in the morning. ;)

The story is about Gru, a super-villain comfortable in his solitary life until a new rival swoops in and takes the spotlight from him.  Determining Vector’s (the new villain) one weakness to be Girl Scout cookies, Gru adopts three orphan girls who had tried to sell them to him previously.

You can imagine what happens, in general terms, as Gru works on stealing back the Shrink Ray he needs from Vector, the girls are working on making the best of what appears at first to be a bad situation.  It’s not a full-on tears movie, but I’ll admit to misting up a tiny bit for the book at the end (you’ll see).  The minions don’t quite steal the show, but they are funny in way that adds to the movie, not distracts from it.

All in all, it was a quite enjoyable time.  It’s kind of unfortunate that all animated movies get judged against Pixar’s best now, but Despicable Me holds it’s own.  See it.

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