For the Good of the World: Cadbury VS Boll

In a fit of awesomeness, Cadbury Adams’ Stride brand gum has thrown it’s support behind the Stop Uwe Boll effort. Movie City indie has the details.

On April 4, 2008, Uwe Boll remarked to legendary horror site FearNet that he’d consider acquiescing to his critics and abandoning making films in this genre if an online petition reached one million signatures. As of press time, the petition is just about 234,000 names, which is why Stride has decided to jump in.

Boll, known for making horrifically bad video game adaptations (Bloodrayne, Postal, Alone in the Dark) and for punching out his critics, takes advantage of tax breaks in his native Germany to pump out his dreck.

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  1. But Bloodrayne was so awesomely bad! Can we really support getting rid of this century’s Ed Wood?

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