Movie Review - Tomorrowland

Movie Review – Tomorrowland

We saw Tomorrowland, and quite enjoyed it.  It felt to me like a throwback to the 80s kid adventure movies, with a modern budget.  It isn’t perfect, but the visuals and the solid kid actors make it worthwhile.

The story centers around two people – Frank Walker, seen both as a 12 year old inventor at the World’s Fair and as an old sourpuss now, and Casey Newton, a teenage dreamer with a penchant for wrecking government property (to keep Cape Canaveral open and save her dad’s job, at least for a few more weeks).  A mysterious young girl (Athena) slips Casey the pin you see in the trailers, which begins the adventure.

If there’s one problem the movie has, it’s that it takes too long to get you TO Tomorrowland.  There’s a lot of time spent establishing how Casey is one of the few dreamers left, and her family life, but her family doesn’t factor in much until the very end.  It’s also criminal that the marketing didn’t feature more of Athena, as Raffey Cassidy is a scene-stealer, though I’m sure they wanted to keep the truth of her character a surprise.

The uneven pacing kept this from being a huge hit for me, but it was a good way to pass an afternoon.  It should be popping up in second-run theaters and will be on DVD/Blu-Ray/digital copy soon.