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Kinect Star Wars Suggestions

Kinect Star Wars was just released for the XBox360, and has drawn quite a bit of attention.  Not all of it was good, as there was quite a bit of negative buzz yesterday for the Han Solo ‘dance party’ song “I’m Han Solo”.  Complete with dancing Han rising up out of the carbonite chamber.  A certain portion of gamers showed a bit of interest in slave bikini Leia dancing, however.  There are other mini-games as well as the full game with a story.  However, I think they’ve missed out on some great ideas for additional content here.  With that in mind, here are my suggestions for Kinect Star Wars 2:

  • Lando’s Mining Empire – If you’ve played any of the huge number of business management games, you know what this is about.  Help Lando by mining Tibanna gas and other minerals, placing them in the refinery, and then delivering them to your customers.  But watch out!  Darth Vader might alter your deal at any time!  Pray he doesn’t alter it any further!
  • Jar-Jar’s Hip-Hop Pose-off – Everyone’s favorite Gungan is here to challenge you to a pose-off!  Bet you didn’t know Gungans invented hip-hop music in a galaxy far, far away!  Match his movements, or he will somehow trip over his own ears and kill an entire regiment of troops.  Not at ALL racially insensitive!
  • Slice the Sith – Sith Lords jump at you – cut them up!  But watch out for Palpatine, he’ll fry you with Force lightning!  I hope your father can save you.  Sure would be nice if your astromech droid had warned you that could happen.
  • Droid Jet Jump – Speaking of Artoo, fly him through several side-scrolling adventures, where it becomes clear how much easier things would’ve been if only the droid remembered he could fly throughout the original trilogy.
  • It’s a Trap! – Uh-oh!  That things operational!  Better help Admiral Ackbar guide his Star Cruisers in close to the Imperial Fleet, but dodge the traps!  Sure could use an eight year old blundering his way through the entire enemy fleet and defeating them by accident.  Haha, that never happens though!

I’m just going to sit over here and wait for Lucasarts to contact me.  I’m a born game developer!

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First Impressions

I’m only maybe 5 or 6 hours into Skyrim, but I feel like I’ve seen and experienced enough to give you my first impressions.  It’s a downright beautiful game, it set my detail level to ‘High’ based on my specs and it was just ridiculous how good it looks.  I think there’s been an emphasis on the Elder Scrolls games after Morrowind to try and get you into some action right away, and Skyrim does not disappoint.  You start the game as a prisoner (as per usual with these games) and being taken to your death.  You escape when, as they shove your head down on the block for the headsman’s axe…well, you’ll see.  A member of a rebelling group of Nords (the Stormcloaks) helps you, and depending on how you want to play it you can join them if you like.

Let me pause right there and explain how The Elder Scrolls games are different than some other popular computer RPGs.  In The Elder Scrolls, your character is intentionally a blank slate.  You start in prison or under arrest in some way – did you actually commit a crime?  Are you wrongfully accused?  Maybe you stole to feed your family, or you killed someone who was attacking your wife.  You decide, and role play it that way.  Let that color your decisions for the rest of the game.  It’s freeing, especially if you’ve been playing linear RPGs for a while, but for some folks it can feel a bit directionless.  You are helping to create your own story, which for some people is not as much fun as starring in their own interactive movie.  I love it, though.  Similar to that is the fact that Bethesda doesn’t like to limit what you can do, and you can often find quirks in the game which you can exploit to your benefit.  It’s up to you not to game the system too much and ruin your experience.  If you’ve ever had a DM who had to house-rule something particularly gamebreaking out of a DnD session, same idea.

Below, I will talk about my early game experiences, and there are some minor spoilers.

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Bionic Commando!?!

I MUST HAVE! Bionic Commando on the NES was the first game I ever bought and paid for with my own money, as well as the first one my friends and I finished in it’s entirety. The bionic arm made the gameplay very unique for the time. For the Xbox360 so far, I’d LOVE to see how they could pull this off with the Wii, though.