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  • Mobile Game Review – Marvel’s Avengers Academy

    Mobile Game Review – Marvel’s Avengers Academy

    Marvel’s latest mobile game is Avengers Academy, which is one of those thing where they reimagine existing characters (hero and villain) as teenagers.  It works well here, as it seems like there’s some time travel-type shenanigans hinted at as far as the story goes.  It’s by TinyCo, and if you’ve played one of their other […]

  • Book Review – Archivist Wasp

    Book Review – Archivist Wasp

    For months, one of my online friends has been recommending Archivist Wasp to pretty much everybody.  It was on my list to check out some day, but when it went on sale a few weeks back she decided to just gift the book to a few of us and be done with it.  I’m very […]