Movie Review – Wonder Woman

We saw an early screening, and I’m happy to report director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is everything DC should be doing in all of their movies.  It’s epic in scope, as befitting one of DC’s trinity of heroes.  It’s does something interesting with Diana’s origin, managing to homage both her classic origin and the more recent… Continue reading Movie Review – Wonder Woman

The Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time

I got to thinking about this thanks to a forum post at one of the sites I frequent.  Someone said there hadn’t BEEN ten good ones, which just seemed silly, so I quickly banged out my list.  But there are so many more movies, I know you guys will differ!  So I present to you,… Continue reading The Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time

The Dark Knight Rises

Spoilers, in case you still haven’t seen it yet. I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises twice now, and my head is still swirling.  After the first time, I agreed with the prevailing sentiment that it was a good finish to the trilogy, but The Dark Knight was better on its own, and left it at… Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises

Reboots? Remakes? It’s all good

I know most of us have made fun of, or lamented, the various forms of media and their obsession with making new forms of the same story over and over.  Whether it’s yet another adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, or DC Comics pushing the reset button on darn near their whole continuity, or a carefully… Continue reading Reboots? Remakes? It’s all good

Rules and Guidelines for Watching Comic Book Movies

Some people just don’t ‘get’ comic book movies.  Critics, or more critical moviegoers at least, analyze the movies as if they are watching Citizen Kane, fretting over characterization and plumbing for deep meaning.  On the other hand, you have the comic book fanboys, who examine every teaser frame by frame, looking for inconsistencies in every… Continue reading Rules and Guidelines for Watching Comic Book Movies