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Friday Finds – Liquid Breathing and Sand Tiger Sharks

Hope everybody had a great week.  I came home from Virginia Beach, and the weather followed me (in the 90s here in sunny Buffalo).  Of course, it’ll be in the 70s in a few days…anyway, here are last week’s posts:

Other things that caught my eye:

Bake your video card to fix it, which sounds really strange but it CAN work.

The Navy is testing a remotely controlled watercraft to patrol bases and harbors.  No weapons…YET.

A fascinating look at language, word sounds and the way the brain works.

 Thanks to a mention of it at Dinosaur Comics, here’s a link to perfluorohexane, a molecule that can let you breathe liquid by adding oxygen to it.  The fact that it feels like you are drowning is a minor bump in the road.  In all seriousness, there are some great uses for it, including breathing help for premies, and treating the lungs of burn victims.  If you’ve seen the move The Abyss, you saw a real rat really doing this.

Speaking of Dinosaur Comics…sand tiger shark babies might be nature’s ultimate baby badasses.

Via Gizmodo, from NASA,  an image of the Shuttle’s last landing, taken from the ISS:

Featured Media

Wired: Best Sci-Fi Movie Effects

Wired has an article up about the Best Sci-Fi movie effects scenes of all time, which has some classics, from Godzilla to 2001: A Space Odyssey to Avatar.  To be sure, though, they missed some of my favorites:

  • Iron Man – specifically the scene when Tony puts the upgraded suit on for the first time and takes his first flight.  The filmmakers managed to make it look, if not real, then at least realistic.  Honorable mention to Tony’s holographic UI.
  • The Abyss – Some great stuff here, including the liquid breathing apparatus, aliens made of water and mini-subs.
  • TRON and TRON: Legacy – I’m surprised that no one voted up the original TRON in the original article, considering how amazing it was at the time.  The new movie had some sweet scenes as well, including the light-cycle battle.

What else did they miss?