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Movie Review – Lincoln

This isn’t normally what I go to the movies for, which if you’ve read my previous reviews, you could probably guess.  It’s not exactly comparable to The Avengers or Ponyo.  Still, Lincoln is a damn fine movie.  The main thrust of the movie examines Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) as he pushes to get the 13th amendment through the House of Representatives early in 1865.  Mixed with this is marriage strife, caused in part by Robert Todd Lincoln’s (Robin, er, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) desire to join the Union army.  Sally Field was excellent as Mary Todd Lincoln, as well.

The scene-stealer for me, was Tommy Lee Jones as Radical Republican Thaddeus Stevens.  He had the best lines, thanks in part to the fact that the debates in the House were as much rap battles with put-downs and sly remarks as they were stately debates.  You can add James Spader and Tim Blake Nelson to that list of scene-stealing too, as lobbyists employed to try and win over lame-duck Democrats to the Republican side on the amendment.

The Oscar buzz for this film is well-deserved.  I could listen to this version of Lincoln tell his stories for hours.  Definitely well worth seeing if you are in the mood for some more thoughtful fare before the big summer movie season.

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Movie Review – The Adventures of Tintin

I FINALLY got back to the theater yesterday, as we took the kids to see The Adventures of Tintin.  It’s a wonderful 3D animated adventure movie based on the comics by Belgian artist Hergé.  It uses the ever more prevalent performance capture, and since it has Peter Jackson co-producing along with Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, that means Andy Serkis is involved.  Jamie Bell is Tintin, and Serkis plays Haddock, the drunken sea captain who may be the key to the whole mystery.

And what is that mystery?  It’s a mix of a few different comics, involving lost treasure, pirates, and hidden clues.  Tintin is of course accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy, who my daughter (3) loved.  The villain is played by Daniel Craig, who has the voice to sound supremely, well, villainous.  There’s a side story played for humor about a pickpocket that keeps the bumbling cops Thompson and Thompson in the mix (Simon Pegg is one of the Thompsons).

Steven Spielberg has said that he first learned of the Tintin stories after someone compared Raiders of the Lost Ark to them, and it’s easy to see why.  Treasure, exotic locations, goofy sidekicks, it’s all there.  The only thing you lose out on is the love interest. I’m not familiar with the source material so I’ve no idea if that could be coming.  Peter Jackson has said he wants to do the sequel, and possibly re-team with Spielberg for the third.  I would definitely watch them.  If you are looking for good fun for your kids, that won’t make you put a gun barrel in your mouth (Chipmunks), and you don’t mind a drunken lout as one of the characters, you can’t go wrong with The Adventures of Tintin.

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Friday Finds – Spielberg, Lesley Crusher and NaNoWriMo

Hi all, busy week this week so posting was light.  Missed OGT, which always sucks for me because I love playing these old games.  :D  Here’s my one post of the week:

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Fight back against writer’s block, a good one to read with NaNoWriMo coming up.  Might try and tackle this again.