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Friday Finds – Robot Octopi and Arctic Airships

A light week this week, due to the holidays and not being home much.

But that does leave plenty of room for links!

Star Wars:  Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary Edition, a fine gift for the SW geek in your family.

A horribly incomplete list of best and worst movie adaptations.  Check the comments for some better choices, and comment here if you have other suggestions.

Happy Birthday Star Trek.

Dolphins may ‘talk’ similar to humans.  Re-analysis of data gathered in the 70s, really cool stuff they can do now.

Diamond Light Source wants your short stories or flash fiction involving their particle accelerator.  I know there are some aspiring (and successful) writers who read, might be fun.

I just love airships, as anyone where I work can tell you, and using them to deliver stuff to the North Pole would be super cool.

Electromagnetic induced transparency, which has to give me my transparent aluminum, right?

 Quite the handshake, there.  Go ahead with your Robot Overlords jokes, if you must.


Sci/Tech Wacky

Just in Time for the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere

Gizmodo brings me this little bit of terror…apparently someone wants to make HUGE Forest Fire fighting robots. With MASSIVE SAW BLADES at the ends of the arms. But of COURSE it will NEVER be used for any sort of military purpose, right? And it will stay perfectly within our control, at all times. Okay! I’m glad it’s just a far-off model at this point, don’t know about you.


Famous Robots

The Chop Shop has a geeky t-shirt that also acts as a test of your geekitude, the weRobot shirt.

They are all there… 51 different robots from film, television, books, toys and one even from a famous classic rock album. Can you figure out all 51?

I just saw this at Gizmodo, very cool (if a bit more than I would normally pay for a t-shirt).


Wooden Robot FTW

Okay…let’s combine this:


with those powered suits the Japanese are all about…and make a combat game show out of it. Rock ’em sock ’em robots! Spotted at Gizmodo.