Oscars Thoughts

A random collection of thoughts as I watched much of the Oscars broadcast last night.  In no particular order: Unless you are a professional comedian, don’t ‘open with a joke’ when giving your acceptance speech.  Chances are you will either botch it, or it won’t be as funny as you thought.  Just stop. Actually, there… Continue reading Oscars Thoughts

Best Animated Film 2011 – Which Should Be Nominated?

As seen at Slashfilm, there will be at least 18 eligible animated movies to get Oscar nominations this year, which means there could be 5 nominees in the category.  I’ve actually seen most of them, aside from the four foreign ones and the ones releasing in the next few weeks.  With Pixar’s only entry the… Continue reading Best Animated Film 2011 – Which Should Be Nominated?

Lightning Movie Review – Rango

Things are returning somewhat to normal around these parts, enough so that I took my family to see Rango at the Movieland 8.  I enjoyed it, and it’s interesting that we had a trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2 in front of it, as Rango feels much like Kung Fu Panda – a good representative… Continue reading Lightning Movie Review – Rango

Spring and Summer 2011 Movies

The meat of the 2011 movie season is coming up, including the Summer blockbusters, and I thought I’d run them down and see which ones I’m planning to check out.  Note that as a Dad, the list leans towards animated movies as well as comic book movies and summer blockbusters.  I don’t like horror and… Continue reading Spring and Summer 2011 Movies