Blog Oh! Blog

I’ve received some positive comments on the design of my blog (the latest one, that is), and I just wanted to give you folks an idea of where it all comes from. The theme is called Limit, and was designed by Jai Nischal Verma of Blog Oh! Blog. I’m always drawn to the Free Themes from Jai whenever I find them (whether at Weblog Tools Collection or elsewhere). The themes are fully featured, kept up to date (just recently mentioned that he’s updating all of them with the Gravatar tweaks most of you WordPress users read about on your dashboards) and attractively designed. I just downloaded a few more to try out just now, and I am happy with the one I have. If you are a pro blogger (that is to say, making actual money at all this blogging business) and want to go higher tech still, there are very nice paid designs available at BoB. You can also ask for a Custom Paid Theme, giving example sites and your basic requirements.

In addition to the theming, BoB covers WordPress itself, coding (HTML, CSS, etc.) and the blogosphere in general. Jai is currently running a contest to win a PS3 so if you like WordPress and want to upgrade your look, check it out. I’m off to check out those other themes…