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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – What We Know

The site is getting hammered, but here’s what’s been gleaned from various sources (most notably Trent Oster’s Twitter account) about the now-official Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition (BGEE):

  • Both BG1 and BG2 will be getting the ‘Enhanced’ treatment – though what that is exactly hasn’t been laid out.  Improved graphics, bug fixes, and Trent says it will be staying 2D isometric.
  • The official expansions are included.
  • There will be new content also.
  • Much like playing Baldur’s Gate 1 via Tutu, all of the games will be using the latest Infinity Engine as a base (so all of the added classes/kits from BG2 will be available from the start).
  • They want to support mods, but note that the original code wasn’t really designed for it the way Neverwinter Nights or newer games were.
  • Oddly, this is NOT the game that is coming to Steam, so apparently a release there of the original game is still happening.
  • ‘Summer 2012’ is the date of release so far, subject to change, I’m sure.

That’s what we know so far.  I’ll add more as it becomes known.

edit:  In response to a question about multiplayer improvements, Trent replied “We’re going to fix the broken bits”.