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InPrivate, No One Can See You Wank

This may be old news to some of you, but apparently Microsoft has put a feature in IE 8 (currently in beta) called ‘InPrivate‘. It lets you browse without saving any history, cookies, or other information. Good for security, but also for your porn habits. Theoretically speaking, of course. H/T to Gizmodo.

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Live Search Cashback

I read about this at Lifehacker earlier today. The next time you are looking for products online, take a spin over to MS’s Live Search Cashback page and give it a try. It’s a product search similar to Froogle or CNET’s Shopper, with a clean interface. The difference being that all of the particpating merchants have a percentage cashback when you search and make the purchase through this page. There are many popular merchants involved (including Newegg), and you only have to accumulate $5 for them to pay you out (Paypal, Direct Deposit or a mailed check). So far, I haven’t found many warts other than MS’s Live pages not working well in Firefox 3 RC1.

Free MS Software…Cost: Your Soul

Spotted this at Gizmodo. You can get a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate, Money Plus Premium, or other software, all for the price of letting MS track your computer usage for 3 months. That includes surveys every 2 weeks. It all stems from Microsoft’s Windows Feedback Program. To be honest, I am in for this as I wanted a legal copy of Vista. All MS will find out from the PC they track is that my wife loves Diablo II.

edit: Looks like they are all done with this…supplies didn’t last thanks to /. and Gizmodo.