Book Review – Martians Abroad by Carrie Vaughn

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Carrie Vaughn from friends who read her Kitty Norville series, so when NetGalley had a copy of her new book, Martians Abroad, available to read, I jumped at it.  I’m glad I did, though the book is not without it’s faults. The story takes place in a… Continue reading Book Review – Martians Abroad by Carrie Vaughn

SyFy’s The Expanse

I’ve been a big booster of The Expanse books for a long time (note that I’ve been acquainted with one half of the author team that makes up James S. A. Corey since I’ve been on the internet), but I haven’t yet reviewed the TV show.  Hey, I’m a busy guy, and there’s a lot… Continue reading SyFy’s The Expanse

Friday Finds – Gingerbread and Satellites

Hey everybody, hope you had a good week.  I was busy being productive at work (and moving to another building) so the links are light.  Here are this week’s posts: Gingerbread on my LG Optimus S – Got a surprise update this week, and it’s working pretty OK so far. Old Game Tuesday – The… Continue reading Friday Finds – Gingerbread and Satellites

Mars Simulation Nearing Completion

Will they send 'em cheesy movies, the worst they can find?

I mentioned this mission back when it started, and now it is nearing completion (you may need a New Scientist login to view that article).  What I’m talking about is Mars 500, an experiment to test the psychological stresses of long-term spaceflight, such as what would be required on a trip to the Red Planet.  the… Continue reading Mars Simulation Nearing Completion

Simulating Mars

Will they send 'em cheesy movies, the worst they can find?

There is a simulation going on in Russia right now, with a team of  ‘astronauts’ living in a series of modules designed to resemble a ship flying to Mars.  They are stuck together in there for 520 days, about how long it would take to fly to Mars, to test whether 6 random scientists could… Continue reading Simulating Mars