Lifehacker's Power Traveler's Checklist

Lifehacker has 2 parts posted of their Power Traveler’s Checklist, which is an awesome list of web sites, tips and tricks that will make travel (especially air travel) MUCH easier. Part 1 is all about preparation, including finding the best fare prices and how to pack effectively. Part 2 is about the travel day itself,… Continue reading Lifehacker's Power Traveler's Checklist

PriceDrop – Firefox Extension

Here’s more fun found at Lifehacker: PriceDrop. It lets you track items on Amazon for price drops, and the advantage is all the details are stored locally, not on an external website. Very useful to keep an eye on items for price guarantees. There’s a somewhat similar web-based app called PriceProtectr that works for a… Continue reading PriceDrop – Firefox Extension