Lifehacker Photo Roundup

We just got a new (inexpensive) digital camera, the Kodak EasyShare C613. Er, except ours is pink. Hey, it was the only one in stock and we wanted it before we went to the hospital. :P As I was already searching Lifehacker for half-remembered photo editing/managing links I thought I would share them with you.… Continue reading Lifehacker Photo Roundup

Make OpenOffice Work Better with Word

I’ve used OpenOffice on occasion, and am quite happy with the features it has as far as word processing go. However, conversions back and forth to Word can be spotty. Cnet has an article about how to make OpenOffice play nice with Word docs. Won’t make it perfect, but some of the changes will definitely… Continue reading Make OpenOffice Work Better with Word

Batch Rename Digital Photos by Date

Lifehacker posted a note about Namexif, a quick and dirty tool to rename your digicam photos based on EXIF date info. It’s a feature that you can get via other means (Irfanview and Picasa have ways to do it) buf if you don’t use either of those, you can try this. The comments on that… Continue reading Batch Rename Digital Photos by Date

Lifehack Your Leopard Mac

I know I have at least a few Mac readers based on my site stats, so this one’s for you. Lifehacker has a conglomeration of tweaks for Mac OS X Leopard, from killing the reflectivity and transparency of the Dock, to customizing Quick Look and Time Machine. Take a look, they may have a solution… Continue reading Lifehack Your Leopard Mac

Google Search Tricks

You may know some of these already, but Lifehacker has a handy guide for getting more than just your normal search results from Google. Since many of us have Google as our homepages (or use the Google toolbar), it’s a quick and easy way to find out when a movie is playing, check the weather,… Continue reading Google Search Tricks

Lifehacker: Update Windows, Linux Style

Appupdater is a executable that lets you run command line updates for a wide range of applications, going as far back as Windows 98. If you have used the apt or yum package management available in many Linux distros, it works in much the same way. Looks like it could be a real help to… Continue reading Lifehacker: Update Windows, Linux Style

Lifehacker's Guide To Free Software And Webapps

Lifehacker has a roundup for 2007 Free Software and Webapps they have featured (and like). Where applicable, they have linked to many of the guides and screenshot tours of the various apps. As usual, anything missed is pointed out in the comments. Some very useful stuff I need to check out.

Sprint Steps Up (after a bit of coercion)

Today, the payment is not only returned to us, but sent straight back into the bank account! Which the phone monkeys had claimed was not possible for them to do. GG Sprint for taking your medicine and keeping a customer, I didn’t want to have to cancel with them as their service in this area has been light-years better than some of the other companies we’ve tried. And thanks to the Consumerist.

Lifehacker: Open Clamshell Packaging With Your Can Opener

It’s that time of year again, the one where you will be screaming in frustration and pain as you struggle to get into that new mp3 player or flash memory for your camera, thanks to those horrible plastic clamshell packages. A Lifehacker reader decided to try out his manual can opener on it, and claims… Continue reading Lifehacker: Open Clamshell Packaging With Your Can Opener


I was surfing Lifehacker again, and found the link to VectorMagic, and online tool for taking your bitmap images and vectorizing them. It works very well, taking in .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png and .tiff and giving back .eps, .svg or .png. I’m having a ball uploading various pictures and things and seeing what the output… Continue reading VectorMagic

Lifehacker's Top 10 Video Rippers, Encoders and Converters

Lifehacker has posted a Top 10 list for Video ripping, encoding and converting. Mostly freeware and open source software, some of which work for Linux and Mac along with Windows. If you wanted some new software to convert your pr0n–er, instructional videos to a format that fits on your iPod or PSP, take a look.