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  • Friday Finds – Liquid Breathing and Sand Tiger Sharks

    Friday Finds – Liquid Breathing and Sand Tiger Sharks

    Hope everybody had a great week.  I came home from Virginia Beach, and the weather followed me (in the 90s here in sunny Buffalo).  Of course, it’ll be in the 70s in a few days…anyway, here are last week’s posts: Movie Review:  Transformers: Dark of the Moon – It wasn’t an unholy abomination.  I had […]

  • Friday Finds – The Original BFG

    It’s a light week since I was gone and not posting, due to my Grandmother’s funeral.  One post last week: Old Game Tuesday – American McGee’s Alice – Alice’s madness has returned, so play the original before you tackle the new game. Other cool stuff: Gizmodo has links about the original Big F***ing Gun, the […]

  • Friday Finds – Coronal Mass Ejection!

    First, here are my posts from this week: Favorite Books – A discussion and a bit of reminiscing on my favorite books as a kid. Old Game Tuesday – SimCity 2000 – Reticulating Splines. Movie Review:  Green Lantern – The lantern (not Hal) has better screen presence than Blake Lively. And a few new things […]

  • Firefox 3: Full Page Zoom, and How To Get Rid Of It

    Like many of you, Firefox 3 is my go-to browser for normal use, but v3 has one annoyance I helped someone fix today: they switched up the standard zoom (Ctrl + + or -) to enlarge everything, including pictures, and not just text. If you don’t like it, here’s how to put it back they […]

  • Show Your Desktop

    Click the thumbnail for the full effect – I use Rainmeter for customizations, and the background comes from Orioto’s ‘Videogame Remakes’ gallery at deviantART. The skins used for Rainmeter are Urban, Enigma and HUD.Vision (for the weather and picture viewer). H/T to Lifehacker that got me started with Rainmeter. I know Ryan has evicted Big […]

  • Everything Old Is New Again

    Here’s a head-scratch inducing addition to your desktop PC setup – an old VHS tape modded to act as a USB flash drive, complete with LED light and spinning reels. I don’t have the skills for this, but if I pass this along to the right person (MacGyver-esque dude in front of me) I can […]

  • Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

    Lifehacker has 5+ tweaks for the latest Ubuntu linux release (Intrepid Ibex), which I have downloaded and will be making use of myself. If you’ve always wanted to try Ubuntu, but didn’t want to format one of your PCs or try and shrink your existing drive partitions, try Wubi. Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu […]

  • xkcd – Change You Can Believe In!

    You can now get an audio preview of your comment before you post it to Youtube. There was a recent xkcd comic on something similar to this, although Randall wanted a mandatory dramatic reading. Unfortunately, this will not stem the tide of idiotic Youtube comments. This might still be more useful for that. ;)

  • Wordle

    Wordle is a site that’s making the blog-rounds. The site has a Java applet where you can put in a bunch of text (or your del.icio.us tags) and makes tag clouds out of them, with multiple font/color options. I made on of the headers on my site with it, and there are some really interesting […]

  • Live Search Cashback

    I read about this at Lifehacker earlier today. The next time you are looking for products online, take a spin over to MS’s Live Search Cashback page and give it a try. It’s a product search similar to Froogle or CNET’s Shopper, with a clean interface. The difference being that all of the particpating merchants […]

  • Firefox 3 – Fastest Web Browser?

    That’s what Lifehacker asserts, especially in JavaScript performance. Gmail is improved as well. Click the link for full details. I’m running Firefox 3 RC1 right now, and this post in and of itself is part of my testing. So far, so good.

  • Ubuntu Cheat Sheet

    FOSSwire has created a new Ubuntu cheat sheet for non-Linux folks who want to try it out.