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Friday Finds – Spielberg, Lesley Crusher and NaNoWriMo

Hi all, busy week this week so posting was light.  Missed OGT, which always sucks for me because I love playing these old games.  :D  Here’s my one post of the week:

Other links:

A teacher at my son’s school won school supplies, and George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills visited.  He also talked about bullying, so you may want to check that out.

I admit, I didn’t know some of these things about ST:TNG.  Lesley Crusher!

Why Spielberg’s TV shows suck when compared to his movies.

Fight back against writer’s block, a good one to read with NaNoWriMo coming up.  Might try and tackle this again.

Featured Gadgets

Freaking AMAZING Lord of the Rings LEGO

Via GeekTyrant (and they saw it at Brothers Brick), a 22,000 brick, 7ft tall, 145lb LotR ‘Battle of Isengard’ set.  The builders, called OneLug, really outdid themselves, including everything from the partially burned Ent, an amazing effect of the dam bursting with the blue and clear stud pieces, Wormtongue hiding behind Saruman…really, reall cool.  Click through for all the pictures (GeekTyrant links to the Flickr stream).

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Friday Finds – Solar Sails and LEGO

Happy Friday all!  It’s a busy day today, so I’ll get right down to it:

And a couple of quick links:

Using a solar sail to clean up space junk – or LASERS.  I’m not the only one thinking DS9, right?

A LEGO augmented-reality game that makes me envy the iPhone???


Growing Older (But Not Up)

Ways I know I still haven’t grown up:

  1. Video games are still fun.
  2. Most of my favorite movies are animated.
  3. Almost all of my t-shirts are either video game or sports team related.
  4. I cheer when watching a sporting event…even if I’m at home alone.
  5. LEGO stuff is awesome (this will never change).
  6. The best cereal has characters on the box.

What else do you have?

Media Wacky

Lego Battlestar Galactica Madness


This is just a fraction of the 35 Vipers and other BSG-themed Lego creations shown off at ‘BrickCon‘ last year. Gizmodo has an in-depth gallery in their post on the matter, and now I want one of these. I wonder if any of these guys has a parts list or build out there…


LEGO Fireboat

My son’s birthday party was this weekend, and he got a supercool LEGO toy from my parents:

It’s a Fireboat that you can actually put in water, complete with a motor! It’s a far cry from the LEGO toys of my youth. He was very good putting it together, too, and he’s so proud of it. :)

Gadgets Wacky

Tiny LEGO Awesomeness

Tim Goddard is a LEGO ninja. He’s built tiny LEGO models of all sorts of Star Wars vehicles and sets which look seriously sweet. The way he’s able to take the smallest LEGO bits and make them recognizable as X-Wings or TIE Fighters is super-cool.