Things our kids won’t believe

For sports:

  • Baseball was played mostly during the day.
  • The only way to track the stats of your favorite players was through the box scores in the newspaper.
  • There were no Russians in the NHL.
  • The Mets were good and the Red Sox were perpetual losers, often in heart-breaking fashion.

For media:

  • MTV showed music videos.
  • Nobody got famous because of reality shows.
  • UHF/VHF dials on your TV.
  • VCRs with wired remotes.
  • The best cartoons were on Saturday morning.

For video games:

  • You could play all day in an arcade for a couple of dollars, provided you didn’t suck at gaming.
  • Also, arcades.
  • The only handheld gaming device weighed as much as a brick and was black and white.
  • If you wanted to play against a friend, he had to come to your house.

For computers (mostly DOS/Win):

  • Command line and ini file editing.
  • Boot disks and memory managers for specific games (Wing Commander).
  • Sound beyond the PC speaker was a revelation.
  • 5 1/4 in. floppy disks, clipping the other side so you could make them double-sided.
  • 8 character file names.
  • WordPerfect was king.

What else do you have for this?

A Question Of Motivation

First, the Sabres…from John Vogl over at the Buffalo News:

“We didn’t compete,” captain Craig Rivet said. “We didn’t compete at all. They played a playoff game and gave everything they had, and we looked like a bunch of guys that wanted to wait and hopefully win a hockey game.

“It’s pathetic. It’s very upsetting. They’re a team that’s hungry, and we look like a team that’s just going through the paces right now.”

The good news is, there’s time for this to be corrected, and I don’t imagine it will be a huge problem once playoff games start.  On the bad side, though, that sounds a lot like a description of teams from the past two seasons.  If Rivet and Ruff can’t yank them out of this mini-funk, I don’t trust these guys to self-start.  Not many games left to get into the playoffs on a high note.

In other news, my PC is overheating.  Think I just need to reseat my HSF with some new thermal compound and all will be good.  But it sucks until then, as any gaming is out of the question.

Trade Deadline Day 2010

It’s that day again, the day Sabres fans have been conditioned to complain about.  Darcy Regier usually does something on Deadline day, but never a big earth-shattering move like many folks want.   There are a ton of rumors, many names in play that ‘we’ have decided can ‘help’, but usually the Sabres don’t want to give up a prospect they like to get a player that’s on a short contract.  Just the way Darcy works.

I won’t be posting on most of the rumors, though I am likely to comment on twitter, and the Roost’s liveblog if I can get in at work.

Media Wacky

Star Wars/MacGyver


I should be working on deep, well-researched posts for the Sabres early offseason, but I’m just getting cracked up over and over by this:

Bad Officiating – Not Just for the NHL!

Bad Officiating LOLREFI got to watch Team USA take on Finland at the World Championships in Halifax, NS, but I kind of wish I didn’t. Team USA was holding on to a 2-0 lead on the back of Robert Esche, despite getting outshot by the Finns. Ville Koistinen shot the puck at the net on a feed from Montreal’s Saku Koivu, and the red light went on. However, it was plain to see that the puck went in under the side of the net. I saw it right away, and the goal went to video review. THEY UPHELD IT. Despite multiple camera angles showing that it should not have been. Everyone knows it:

The IIHF formally acknowledged after the game that Koistinen’s shot had, indeed, entered the side of the net and should not have counted, and the video-goal judge will not be working for the rest of the tournament.

Coach Tortorella was livid, but admitted they didn’t deserve to win, giving up so many chances. It was a very rough game as well, ending with a line brawl, with multiple game misconducts. Fun to watch, but the outcome sucks. Team USA ended up losing 3-2.

edit: Fanhouse reaction, Bfloblog reaction