The Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time

I got to thinking about this thanks to a forum post at one of the sites I frequent.  Someone said there hadn’t BEEN ten good ones, which just seemed silly, so I quickly banged out my list.  But there are so many more movies, I know you guys will differ!  So I present to you,… Continue reading The Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time

Friday Finds – Coronal Mass Ejection!

First, here are my posts from this week: Favorite Books – A discussion and a bit of reminiscing on my favorite books as a kid. Old Game Tuesday – SimCity 2000 – Reticulating Splines. Movie Review:  Green Lantern – The lantern (not Hal) has better screen presence than Blake Lively. And a few new things… Continue reading Friday Finds – Coronal Mass Ejection!

Movie Review – Green Lantern

I went and saw Green Lantern last night with the guys, and I enjoyed it.  It was not a top-flight movie by any stretch, though.  I came into this with almost zero knowledge of the Green Lantern Corps, it’s lore, other members than Hal Jordan or John Stewart, and him only in passing, from an… Continue reading Movie Review – Green Lantern